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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tree Portal (Question of the day)

To: Men who have NOT been in the Tree Portal
(but are somewhat interested)

Question: Can I mail in my payment to buy the
Tree Portal Seduction Course today?

Answer: Yes. Even though technically, I will receive your
payment AFTER the portal closes, you can still mail in your
payment. (ie Check, US Money Order, etc.) Be sure to use the form http://treeportal.com/mailform.html

(Since there is less than 7 hours before the portal closes, It might
be wise to print that page out now - even if you are currently undecided)

I'm a fair and honest guy - and I realize that mail is slow
during this time of year, so as long as your payment arrives
in a reasonable time period, I will still send you your reports.

If it arrives 2 months from now, and you live in the US, then
I'm not going to be convinced that the mail was not that slow...

Warning: At any rate, the portal is just about closed!
The Tree Portal Guards are currently holding the
"Christmas Tree" Pad Lock and Chain in their hands.

They're not too nice and do not have too much of a personality
so these emotionless bastards actually can not wait for the
Tree Portal to close!

They just want all of this craziness and madness to finally end
so that they can hurry up and put the magic Tree Portal lock
on - so they can finally go home to their families and get some
sleep! LOL!


Friday, December 23, 2005

The F.U.N. is just beginning

Dear Mr. James,

I just have to write and tell you something.

You have changed my life.

Let me explain. I am a good looking, physically fit, successful, 37 year old man.

I have no trouble meeting woman. But after 11 years of friendship I came to realize that I could never settle down with any woman because Iwould always compare them to my best friend. She is a beautiful, successfulwoman, who I have a strong connection to.

For years our friends wonderedout load how come we didn't date. Part of it was because I was to busy nailing everything that crossed my path. I love chasing pussy but has notolerance for commitment. But over the past two years I tried to getinvolved with a couple of woman, but my best friend kept ruining them bycoming on to me.

But then after I ditched the other girl she would back away. Then a couple of months ago she started coming on to me again, this time because several of the girls in our group started really coming on tome. So we started messing around again. Then she backed off again. This Ireally when I realized that we would actually make a great couple. I was so mad at her for messing with me I did a goggle search for "turning friends into lovers".

That is how I found you. I was at the end of my rope but after some hesitation I bought your materials. Thank you thank you thank you, Mr. James. We are now exclusively dating each other and we both are veryhappy. And, I just bought your new reports from the tree portal, and we just had the best sex ever!

She came on to me so hard, it was so out of her character. But I just followed your techniques and they worked like acharm.

It is amazing how I do the things you suggest wondering "is this really going to work" then I get the result just as you say.

I hope you have much success with your program, because I will be lookingfor your info for years to come. I used to wonder if I could make her wantme, now I wonder if she is ready to do back flips in bed yet, because using your technique, she is going to do them willingly.By the way, any guy that doesn't have the balls to purchase your stuff I sayto them, Good.

Because now if I get bored with my new girl, I will have no trouble finding a replacement and the less guys that know how to satisfy their women the easier it will be for me. So glad I found you and had the balls to purchase.

If all those guys looking for miss right at these on line dating services would just spend 1months enrollment fee on your books, they would never have to waste a dineon those dating sites. Good for you Mr. James. But better for us. Thanks Again.

I look forward to your new books. You better e-mail me anytime you write something new.


Hey Matt

That's a great way to look at it. lol.

Take Care & Enjoy The New Year!

(I'll keep you posted Matt - I got some surprises coming up for ALL of the Tree-Portal Divers. I think it's going to be huge. The fun is just beginning.)


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

[NEW] The Untold Trick To Approaching Women

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Take Care my friend...

If you have any questions or if you need me to clarify anything,
don't hesitate to email me: [crjames100 @ gmail.com]

CR James

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If you have any trouble or questions, don't hesitate to email me.

CR James

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Guys enters TREE PORTAL and thinks it's a rip off!

From: Vincent ****** <*******@hotmail.com> Mailed-By: hotmail.com
To: crjames100@gmail.com
: Dec 17, 2005 2:40 PM
Subject: RE: Vincent *****, Thank You For Your Order

You got me!!! This is abusive... 37 Bucks for a white page !!!!

Wow I didn't know it was possible...
Well done to earn easily money ....
Yes I have acrobat reader ... and yes could download all other pages... but once I paid :
White pages only !!! Wow you gone far ....
I got caught.... well done..... 37 bucks for 1 white page ...
How come you can do this?

[CR Replies]
what do you mean 1 white page?

there are multiple pages with information on them?

there are multiple pages..

Oh sorry CR I got it now.... Sorry it didn't work for a while but I managed to download them now...

Thousands of sorry and all I said is for me

[CR Replies]
you had me confused. lol

it's ok...

Hi CR !

Thank you so much for all these techniques...

Your beta tester read and studied your techniques hard (it's more difficult for non English native) and very ate last night... (I deserve many Daddy points for that ... lol...)

And it works perfectly, amazingly, incredibly!

Well.... I opened only Zip and Smiley face (but stopped at the "Master it order" for Smiley) till now.... it's already a lot to read and to understand for my small brain in less than 24 hours with a very short night and a full work day in between !

So how it worked ? ..." I'll explain" as a certain CR uses to say ... lol...

I used to chat since a long time with a friend from Morroco... and she was always getting blush each time I was ending the chat with "Bye - Warm hug and big Kisses" (all in French for both of us) and she was always replying "Handshake".... I asked once why she never sent me kisses... and she even didn't reply...

But tonight..... Wow!

She was completely excited by the game "smiley face" and at the end of the chat without even sending her a small hug or a kiss....

she sent me direcly a BIG HEART and then a BIG KISS !!!

Wow!!! Coming from her it means so much...
this is the first time....

that's amazing and it seems so incredible!

Then I also used the ZIP file techniques to one of my good friend as she was not answering anymore many of my e-mails since a long time ....

but last night she came on line... and ... thanks to this amazing ZIP technique....

after a few minutes she felt so good and so happy that she told me she realized : "how lucky she was to have a friend like me that love her and take care so much of her"

.... Incredible...!


I am impatient to open and save the other files.


PS1 : I was amazed by the "sexy cat" chat room!
PS2 : If I have time one day I would offer you to translate some of your books in French.... But would it be useful for you to sell them to French people, in French language? I would do it for free don't worry I am not a professional in translation! And you would probably need to show it to your French friends to see if it's well translated... with the same spirit.

Well finally not 100 % free maybe I would just ask you to give me free versions of your new techniques or new books.... but not now... only if you are happy with the translation and once I have translated everything...

[CR Replies]

hey vince..

i see you made it inside the portal...lol

i was really urging people to get inside because i was really pleased with the content - i was extremely (and still) excited about sharing it (as you could probably tell)

wait until you read Horny Triggers (you'll going to love that)...

when the tree portal closes, that's the first ebook, i'm going to snatch off the page! lol

the reponse and feedback has been incredible. (kinda caught me off guard. lol)

i think i'm to come up with some sort of bonus just all those that made it in (as a special thanks)

cr james...

yes, i'm interested in a french translation (or any translation). let's discuss how it would work...take care & happy holidays

Certain Beliefs Can Make Things Hard For You (pun indended)

From: ********@ntlworld.com>
Mailed-By: ntlworld.com
To: CR James
Date: Dec 17, 2005 4:59 PM

Hi CR,

Thanks for the reply. [read the conversation (post) below to get a better understanding]

Maybe we're talking about slightly different things.

In the Party/Bar challenge - i.e. who would be most likely to get laid in such a circumstance - the agressive (but not assertive) near-psychopath would win. Being charming and persuasive are SYMPTOMS of being a psychopath, as is a lack of compassion and, I would say, insecurity.

I have been involved in a situation where the authorities are believing a (charming) wife-beating bully (at least) rather than finding out about what is going on - to the detriment of two childrens lives. Were the world not so geared to near-psychopaths these people would have known that they were risking their careers by acting as they have, but they could act as they did because THEY KNEW that there would be no come-back.

This is how the world is - and I suspect worse in the US than here (UK).My experience is that we're living in a world where most people see it upside down - feel safe with dangerous people and unsafe with safe ones, celebrate an "upturn" in the economy when it has involved the loss of thousands of jobs (affecting hundreds of thousands of lives).

It is a mad world which celebrates psychopaths (how many of the people "in charge" can you name who are not psychopaths?), and I am reading your stuff to see if I can find some way of negotiating it.

I am writing to you really to comment on what I find it hard to take on board - e.g. your need to be someone else (MFM) to get a good shag (as we would call it over here).

In the circumstance that I have "created" I HAVE TO BE MYSELF to experience the same, and couldn't imagine your strategy because "I" would not be having the experience, but rather the person I am acting.With regard to "seduction" my girlfriend suggests that you are talking about turning someone on, and I am taking you as meaning getting laid by someone new.

That's the whole problem - the world is full of women getting unpleasantly laid by unpleasant men - and my off-hand comment about what you were really selling was a suggestion that perhaps you are trying to change something else through the selling point of offering good sex.I'll read some more.


PS As I understand it, you did all this hard work to get a good shag for yourself

Andy Andy Andy...

Listen my friend...

Are you seriously telling me that your initial argument/rant/frustration was based on your PERSONAL interpretation of what I mean by seduction?
(as oppose to the one that i actually provided several times, in the same book you were quoting from yesterday)

again: i refer to seduction as "sexually inspiring" the woman. (that's it)
it's up the guy to decide whether he wants to think that is good.it's up the guy to decide whether he wants to think that is evil.

some people think getting a woman hot and horny is good.some people think getting a woman hot and horny is evil.

your girlfriend is right. all i mean by seduction is "turning the woman on". (that's it)
the problem with some guys - and I'm not talking about YOU - but some guys would consider themselves as a "Mean Old Bad Evil Man" for having a "strategy"

for some reason they think doing something pre-planned is BAD BAD BADfor some reason they think doing something without the woman's knowledge is BAD BAD BAD the reality is no man or no woman tells everyone their "pre-planned strategies" in life.you don't go into a job interview revealing "your strategy"...

so i want to make that clear (if you know what i mean)
as far as your "Party/Bar challenge" - it has no value.

You are saying that the Psychopath would WIN over the overly nice guy... let's say you are right...

and let's have a little fun with this (if that's ok with you)
my guess is that you want to become "Andy The Legendary Super Seducer". right? lol...
answer this:

who is more likely to get the girl: a crackhead with 9 teeth missing - or - a crackhead with only 2 teeth missing!

answer: the crackhead with 2 teeth missing (duh!)

so with that said, are you going to BECOME a crackhead with only 2 teeth missing????
answer: no.

why, because you are trying to become "Andy The Legendary Super Seducer"
so that means, doing things that are INEFFECTIVE is not good.so that means, doing things that are DUMB is not good.

keep in mind that this is what you said:

ANDY's BELIEF: "Being charming and persuasive are SYMPTOMS of being a psychopath, as is a lack of compassion and, I would say, insecurity." now andy my dear loving friend. i have the super human ability to convince you using my "magic mind powers" that this statement makes ZERO sense.

but instead of using up my "brain power" on this statement, i want YOU to ask yourself whether it makes sense or not.

I want YOU to challenge yourself (open-mindedly) and ask yourself one question:
"is it possible that ANDY's BELIEF makes ZERO sense"
just repeat it a few times my friend. DO NOT try to explain it, because I am trying to help you.


And the reason why I know that you can handle this kind of direct approach is because you emailed me with direct bold questions.

and you challenged me in many ways. I respect that.

so now i will challenge you:

if after you take some time with "ANDY's BELIEF" and it STILL makes sense to you, then (and only then) do i want you to email me with your analysis of it.

and i promise to provide you with an "orgy of analogies" and an "FFM 3-some" of simple beliefs and prove to YOU (using information that is already in your brain) that it's not TRUE.

And I will compassionately, show you that it's not TRUE on monday.
And I will compassionately, show you that it's not TRUE on friday.
And I will compassionately, show you that it's not TRUE in the UK.
And I will compassionately, show you that it's not TRUE in the USA.
And I will compassionately, show you that it's not TRUE on Skull Island with King Kong.And I will compassionately, show you that it's not TRUE when you wake up on the right side of your bed.
And I will compassionately, show you that it's not TRUE when you wake up on the left side of your bed.
And I will compassionately, show you that it's not TRUE while I'm dressed up in a King Kong suit.
And I will compassionately, show you that it's not TRUE while I'm dressed up as a crackhead with 9 teeth missing...

just having fun Andy. think about my friend...

take care...

CR James

Saturday, December 17, 2005

FAQ: Interesting Questions About The Tree Portal

On 12/16/05, ******* wrote:

Dear CR,

I quote:"Discover the "missing ingredient" that I left out in all of my previous courses so far.

I'm not sure how it could have happened, but I finally realized that I never forgot to teach this, I wanted to hold me head down in shame!". So why do you now have to charge for it?

I am reading SSP and understand what you are getting at, but I wonder if you are getting there:

1. What kind of "close" relationship do you have with your girlfriend if she isn't even interested in what you are writing?

2. Let's face it, the best "seducers" are the complete arseholes. These men are insecure - or else they wouldn't have to use and abuse women in the way they do to make themselves feel up by putting others down.

You do allude to women responding to this in SSP when you say "maybe in a perfect world, guys that are extremely nice to women and give them everything they want will be the ones that turn them on. But in this world things are a little different."

3. As above, people with "charisma" tend to lack compassion (therefore no CECS) usually all empathy. Hence the persuasiveness of the psycopaths. Maybe this is what your girlfriend is getting at (re: using techniques on her).

Are you not teaching people to be arseholes? Have you become one yourself (see first quote)?

I do wonder what you're trying to sell.


hello andy i'm charging for it b/c the course w/o this info doesn't make it incomplete...in other words a person can still get results...

and i believe that there is always more information that can be added or new ways to make it easier to understand (collectively)...

so the idea that i didn't do a 100% transference of 'what i know' into the initial course shouldn't be too hard to accept... the idea that i'm charging for something that i worked hard on - and spent my time and energy shouldn't be too shocking from my view point...

if you buy a car and shortly after you discover that it has "no engine" and then the dealer offers to "sell you" an engine, then you stand a better chance of making the case that he shouldn't charge you for it...

because the unspoken expectation is the car (after purchase) should perform - and in this case that refers to being able to drive... without the engine, the car can't perform... by the way, i respect your ideas and viewpoints...

let me address your other comments....

1. she is "somewhat interested" in what i do - but how does her level of interest in a particular aspect of my life have to do with our "closeness"... she's passionate about her business (making natural soap) and i'm not interested in THAT (at all!)... so does that mean we are not "close"?

hopefully, you are not trying to "sell me" the idea that in order for a couple to be "close" they must achieve 100% "mutally intense interest" in each other's interests

2. your belief that the "best seducers" are assholes (or arseholes) is YOUR belief...

i don't agree with that... btw, how are you defining "arseholes"? because if your definition - in some way - reveals that it is a guy that acts somewhat disrespectful to women, then we are in 100% disagreement...

i happen to believe that TRUE confidence is being someone who respects others...and sees the value in others....

it's almost as if we treat people directly proportional to how we feel about ourselves...(the mirror effect: "show me a man who HATES everyone, and I'll show you a man who HATES himself!"

it's almost as if how we feel about ourselves and others defines TRUE confidence...

TRUE confidence drives women wild...
TRUE confidence makes women experience the warm and wet tingles in her vaginal region...
TRUE confidence is what you should strive for...

so with that said, how can you conclude that the best seducers are assholes? - especially when you are saying that they are "insecure"...

With your arrange of ideas - by simple logic - you are saying: "Let's face it, the best seducers are insecure." Does that make sense?

Let's just say that i don't have the "true confidence" in my ability to convince YOU to believe that - even though (by logic) that is exactly what you are saying my friend...

And since your third point is heavily weighted on what i percieved to be an irrational belief (ie "Let's face it, the best seducers are insecure." ) i'm not sure if i should even address it... "people with "charisma" tend to lack compassion "

have i become an asshole?

it depends on the who you ask. it depends on how skewed their viewpoint tends to beit depends on their emotional level. it depends on what the person gets out of perceiving someone as an asshole "I do wonder what you're trying to sell."

whatever you want to know, i will answer.

if you have any more questions, feel free to ask?


Friday, December 16, 2005

The Tree Portal Is FINALLY Open!


The Tree Portal Is FINALLY Open!

Hope to see you there


(only for 12 days)

Note: We are expected at least 100,000 viewers. And the "gifts" (grab bag) will be given to 12,000 Humans. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

1 more day: Friday 16th (10:00Am EST) it's only hours away!!


Hey it makes perfect sense just like all of your other fine work
I'm really glad to have found this info, it has changed my life in a very cool way.

I can't wait another day for your next piece of work,
thanks a million

ps I just cant believe how many morons there are out there!

they need you and your info,
many thanks


"The Tree Portal is almost open!"

Instructor CR James, author and creator of:
www.12dayseduction.com (coming soon)

Newsflash: Super Sex Power Actually Works....


Ive read all your info that you have sent through,
and yes im amazed at whatand how your info works in my relationship,
at times i cant believe it, soyes, i would like to purchase your book please super sex power, but only have the visa electron card, but do have an account on Ebay,
so if you canhelp, please mail me back,

Thankyou lots,

hey lee...

if you have a paypal account (owned by ebay) you can email your payment

and then let me know...and i'll send your books to you...

if you have any questions, let me know....


FAQ Super Persuasion

Hi CR James

I truly want to know the philosophy of super persuasion.

I read some of the testimonies as i was shocked to hear how this guys had woman crazy overthem craving for sex.

So i will definitely come when the christmass tree be unlocked on december 16th.


Take care


i think you'll enjoy super persuasion rodolfo...(just as a hint, it's one of the books that is in tree portal...)

i've been getting tons of emails from people saying the same thing. that they will definitely be inside the portal...

i've been responding to a few, but i can't humanly answer all the questions - at least by tomorrow...

i'll probably answer a few questions on the blog... i'm just as excited and impatient as everyone else... i think i'll even buy a copy! lol...

take care..



Dear CR,

I reviewed your new report and it looks pretty good.

Thanks for the 2 free reports.

Can't wait for dec. 16.

Alot of what you say is genius,it makes sense.

Being 45 yrs. old and divorced i've been through some of the things you talk about and some of the reasons i got divorced you talk about.

Probably the biggest reason is no sexual value.
You see she cheated ,twice whith 2 of my friends.
She is married to one of them now, and i miss him.

sorry to hear wayne...

you're probably better off without her...
good luck...


Hey man,

this has been great stuff the "magic" of it is:
that its not hype it just flat works.


You're Welcome

Mucho Gracias!

Thanks a lot, CR.

I've almost always found very very interesting things in your stuff.
Best Regards from Mexico,


!mucho gracias mi amigo! (that's about all i can say)

but i do appreciate the kind words...

take care...

cr james

You're Welcome

Hi CR,

Thanks for sending me the pdf's .

Keep on with your excellent material.


Not a problem

Rediscovery = Tree Portal

Dear CR,

Very interesting indeed.

I have to admit, I have gotten back into some nasty patterns lately because of my busy work schedule.

I was seeing a gal who I really liked, but I lost my sexual value in her eyes and now she is with another guy. I need to review the material you've written, which is absolutely fantastic, and get back to the guy that she was attracted to in the first place.

Not to get her back mind you, as I actually like the guy she's found, but not to repeat this mistake again. Live and learn, I suppose.

Thanks for your great material, look forward to "rediscovery"!


i respect that approach a lot...

good luck



Nice report.

Can't wait to see the follow up,
and ofcourse can't wait for the "tree portal" to open.

Your report reminds me about that old story comparinglab rats looking for cheese in a maze to human nature.

Over time, the rats will figure out how to get to thecheese if you keep it in the same place all the time.Then, if you move it to a different spot, they willonly keep going to the spot where it used to be a fewtimes. Realizing (if I can assume rats "realize") itsbeen moved, they will eventually find it and stopgoing down the old path that is now fruitless.

MOST humans (guys for our discussion) on the other hand,don't seem to figure out why doing the same old thingsdoesen't get them much or any "cheese" (insert yourown female anatomicl reference). The great thing isthat the info you provide is like having a "cheese"GPS.

The only catch, of course is you have to use it.
Best Regards,

i like that. so incredibly true.. lol.
you'll definitely appreciate the tree portal..

best regards,

FAQ - Can't download file

You lost on this one- I click on book and only a picture of it comes up!

It IS good to be king-

love your stuff!

hey charlie,

you have to click on the link below it... (right click on it - and save target as)

happy holidays...


FAQ - How much is it?

how you doing CR James

i have one question. in december 16 when the christmast tree be unlock,
for how long is this going to be open for free.

and by the way, what is the price of this book if is not free?

happy holidays

Hi R,

I'm not sure about the price, because I'm deciding between 2 numbers....

It will not be free. I don't have a problem with giving away powerful/results-getting info...
but not when it's this damn powerful...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We don't need to be inside of P.A.M.M.

CR -

Thanks for the opportunity to beta test. I'll give it a thorough going-over.

BTW - I saw on your blog, some discussion of the Mars/Venus books and stuff. My BIG problem with this psychobabble Mars/V*nus stuff is that if you peel back the veneer, most of the advice to men is in how to kow-tow to and placate women. The Mars man's described role is to choose his words VERY freakin carefully and play the Venus woman's game.

Women are from Venus and should be worshiped, ... lumpen Mars men are to be led around by the nose by women and feel lucky to have the opportunity. Some "relationship" eh?

No wonder the Mars/Venus testimonials are mostly from women -- and from - still - clueless guys!



Well said.

I could not agree with him more. The way I see it: It's just best to let these millions of MarsMellows (zombied males that walk around clueless like robots with pink glowing eyes) to just keep doing what they do...

while a handful of us Super Seducers (or guys who just want to do what actually works) can secretly focus on doing things (and learning new things) that actually turn women on. And we can even brainwash ourselves into believing that this is what women really want.

So it's best to let those MarsMellows stay inside of the P.A.M.M. - which is... ("Grandma cover your eyes") the "PussyAssMen Matrix"...

Tree Portal "Math of The Day"

1 Apple - 1 Apple = 0 Apple

(if this doesn't make sense, then read below)

This just in: It's OK to be down to Earth

Hi CR,

Thanks Again.

By the way you if you can get a hold of it you MUST get books and Audio tape from Dr J*hn G. he wrote 'Men Are From Mars, Women are From V***s' [title blocked out to protect the author], that man talks alot of sense!

By the way 2..

Do you have any files on choosing or knowing if your partners for you?
things like...your allowed to hate her for upto 5 times [per day] and
still love her etc..

All the best Cr

[CR Replies]

hey don.

is there anything he says - or a belief that he has that stands out to you???

i wish i could remember what he said when i saw him on a talk show, but TO ME, i wasn't really compelled to get his course...

i didn't think he was evil. and i don't get the impression that he is a scammer...

but it 'appeared' to me (and i allow for the possibility that i could have been wrong) that he was speaking directly to women...

-if you go on his website don http://www.marsvenus.com , he has 7 women on there and 4 men....(no big deal)
-the banner at the bottom says "why hasn't HE called" (ok, so that's two things)
-inside the "purple" box it says "Top 5 signs that a MAN is ready to commit" (just a coincidence)
-and there are actually more quotes like this sprinkled throughout the site. lol

then again, maybe i'm a bad guy for pointing this stuff out. let's face it, no one is perfect...

but for a guy that has probably out-sold me (70,000,000 to 1) to have only ONE testimonial on his site from a male (that's right - one testimonial from a male) http://www.marsvenus.com/thankyouletters.php on his site (and this 'male' was equating "entering a relationship" as a success!!!*) i have a hard time getting past things like this my friend...

if you can make a case that helps me get past these things, then i promise to listen...

All the best my friend...

[*Update] The Guy on the site giving the testimonial, (W*yne) is not equating entering a relationship as a success. I must correct myself because I just re-read it. He actually says that his female best friend told him that he is "nowhere near healed" and she told him that he is not ready for a relationship!!

Fact#1 - I have no problems with the author. The message that one must consider the other person's viewpoint is something that I embrace.

But when he says on his site "the best selling relationship author of all time" (which means he sold more than anyone) and he only has one testimonial on his site from a male (the rest of them are from women), then I'm going to be convinced that the book is for women.

And there is not enough bytes in cyberspace for anyone to write me an email long enough to prove to me otherwise.

Fact#2 - I have a word document (font size = 10) that is over 100 pages of testimonials from men in the last 12 months! - and I have never (read my lips my friend - never) received a testimonial like that one. If anyone has ever emailed me a message like that, it would be because the guy is pleading for help so it would be framed as a complaint - not a success story.

My belief#1 - "Results are the only thing that matters."

Tree Portal Math of the Day: 1 apple - 1 apple = 0 apple

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

[FREE GIFT] Liquid Smooth Super Seducers

Liquid Smooth Super Seducer

I hope you enjoy this gift. I had to create it, because there are rumors (from reliable sources) that people who are trying to figure out how to break inside the "magic" tree portal before December 16th, 2005.

There has been at least 5 cases, where men have attempted to climb inside there own Christmas trees! http://www.treeportal.com/

I would strongly advise against it.

I created this report because the Skeptical Grinches have been attacking my inbox like crazy.

They are doing Portal Combat. Ok, no more cheesey jokes - you can download this "magic" report at:

http://lustsignals.com/Tree-Portal-LSSS.pdf (right click and "save target as")

Take Care
CR "The Tree Portal Guardian" James

Tree Portal Password of the day is: "Snowball Fight"
http://lustsignals.com/Tree-Portal-LSSS.pdf (right click and "save target as")

You're Welcome! (to all)

Hello I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words,
The Tree Portal is almost open 3 more days (for those
that are interested in many new approached to generating
attraction in females and "something else" that I have
been working hard on all year)

Take Care.

As always, if you have any questions, about the Tree Portal
or anything, just send an email.

CR James

[I started posted a few of the thank you's but, I couldn't get around to putting them
all up, like I had planned. So I wanted to say "you're wlecome" to everyone...]


Hi CR James. Yes I did. Thank you very much.



CR Thanks for the follow up e-mail.

I received the report. I have not read it.

Extra work to do but it will make a great
holiday vacation read I'm sure.
Thanks a bunch keep on pioneering.



Yes I did. I don't know if your e-mails are auto-sent or if there is actually someone reading this but I do want to say that I never expected to get all of the extra pdf's that you have sent me when I purchased the initial ones and I do enjoy reading them.

I really appreciate all of the extras.



thank you
.. keep in touch ..



I got your report and thanks for putting it in *.pdf format. It works much better than the usual *.html link which I cannot seems to access.



Dear Cr

many thanks for your report look forward to further input from you
thanks and regards



Thank you, for the reports!


Yes Thanks.


Hi CR,

I got the free report no problems.

Thank you very much.

I like the look of your new website by the
way. However some of the links do go where they
I'm sure things will get resolved.

Daniel B.


Yes I did thanks.

I have read most if not all your ebooks and it definitely makes sense.

Thanks for all the hard work you put into writing this down.


Sunday, December 11, 2005

File could not be downloaded

Hi CR,

Haven't been able to dl the file to see what it is all about.

Happy Holidays,

hey kevin

you can go here: (right click and "save target as" on link)


the treeportal site keeps acting weird..

happy holidays...

2 Scary Reasons...

Here's where you can read it for free.

(right click and save target as)

CR James (Unofficial Tree Portal Guardian)

Tree Portal Rule #84710129C Don't Get Arrested

Hey there CR,

Whats cooking other than ur awesome ways of describing these understandings of mastering man's self hehe?

I love this addition because it reminds me of how kiddish and needy I was throughout my ex relationship and how badly it took effect when she finally responded by lessoning my value to her...

I am a ball of fun etc. but I showed my heart in the needy way at times expecting the same enfatuated result and left out the element of change and space for desire..

I think this look at control as you show it makes the other party or person want to have more affect on you and in turn brings all the attention to you..

How about after the showing control, are you to let the woman still get what she wants or do you make as many variations of this control of your desires as much as possible, or it just hit me, maybe just bring CEP in the mix once in a while when she least expects relating to something she ties into you as her Alpha Male.. hehe

Well I'm not the genius here yet so I'll let you comment on this because its starting to make so much sense

BTW I havent been practicing often enough...

Haven't dated, haven't met any new interest flirt friends but there's a party tonight I'm positive I'll make an impact on a few or more ladies.

Well I was arrested Wed. night from being left in the wrong place at the wrong time by a "friend".. Now back to work.. 350$ in the whole but.. back to work.

Thanx for ya time homie..



You are THE MAN.

Thanks for another straight to the point, useful report.

It's interesting what a little "aloofness" will do when
dealing with women, especially with regards to sex.
I look forward to your next report.


4 Mistakes of Wife Seduction

FREE: You can start reading now:

by "Right Clicking on the link below and Selecting
Save Target As:


Take Care & Have a nice day!

CR James - Author, Relationship Expert


Friday, December 09, 2005

Next Friday - 6 more days and 17 more hours and 22 more minutes

You can get the details at: 12DaySeduction.com

If you have any questions, email me at crjames100@gmail.com

CR James
Author of Super Sex Power

12dayseduction.com TreePortal.com

Out of town?


Firstly thanks for the ebooks!!!!!

They absolutely rock!!!!!!!!!!!

It is worth every cent of it.

It even changed my outlook on life for the better.

Actually even improved my people relations somehow.

Just wanted to know if those of us who bought the Gold package will begetting the report mentioned on the treeportal site free or not and if wehave to pay how much?

Timing is just a bit bad on the report since

I'm going on leave from monday to 9 January 2006.

Thanks yet again for everything.


Hi Joe

Thanks for the kind words,

I'll continue to think about how to address your situation (and others who may be in the same boat). I do believe in being fair....

Take care & happy holidays



Tree Portal Rule #560779457575-B Section 22

From: ******** <*******@yahoo.com>
Signed-By: yahoo.com Mailed-By: yahoo.com
To: crjames100@gmail.com
Date: Dec 9, 2005 7:03 AM

Subject: more help
Reply Reply to all Forward Print Add sender to Contacts list Delete this message Report phishing Show original Message text garbled?

useful tips. but i need a tip on how i can seduce her over the phone since she hardly comes around anymore. please, before weekend!

i'm kinda desperate

From: CR - The TreePortal Guardian
Mailed-By: gmail.com
To: ***** <*****@yahoo.com>
Date: Dec 9, 2005 9:05 AM
Subject: Re: more help
Reply Reply to all Forward Print Add sender to Contacts list Delete this message Report phishing Show original Message text garbled?

hello my friend...

you never answered the question:

"tell me about her.."

"how does she perceive you and how does she perceive herself?"

that's important information. and i don't think you are desparate. you just
have a strong desire to change because the first thing you need to do is
stop trying to throw the invisible rope around her neck and stop trying to pull
her towards you...

Tree Portal Rule #560779457575-B Section 22 clearly states:

"Your new method of generating attraction is not using the invisible rope neck-pull
technique. Your new method involves sending the signals which are like "invisible flying sperm cells" that swim through the air with one mission and that is to land on her head so that they fertilize the 'right perception' in a way that allows her to see you for the amazing guy you are..."

I have this belief that if you take this approach (ie sending good sperm cells and not bad sperm cells), you will not come off as desparate.

You do not want to come off as desperate when you shoot your sperm cells through the air my friend.


"tell me about her.."

"how does she perceive you and how does she perceive herself?"

CR James


Thursday, December 08, 2005



I'm posted the CEP gift here, because some people
said they couldn't download it in the email that
was sent out.

CEP = Control Equals Power
(But it's not what you think)

(You'll want to Right Click and Save Target As)

If you have any questions, shoot me an email,
and I'll help you out...

CR James


This guy is not a fan of the TREE PORTAL (LOL!)


dear crjames,

this time i will be very honest with you and with anybody else of course.

And i just want you think of something in your life (something beautiful) and think about who created it and why and for whom it might be created

i think that you will find many many things in your life even yourself

why your here?

what is your aim in this life?

and what will happen to you in the future?

please [attach] this and tell me by e-mail.

i will wait for you mr james .....

my best wishes...

[cr james' reply to him]

hello my friend...

i will answer your question.

my aim in life is to help guys get a sexual response out of their wives.

and to help guys who are dating learn these skills as well.

you said think of something beautiful. i am very happy with my life my friend. lol.

i see where you are going with this though.

and i respect that my friend, but wouldn't you think the "creator of all things beautiful" might enjoy the fact that "super sex power" has been an effective 'results-getting' tool to re-connect relationships?

what is YOUR aim in life? (just wondering)

here's an email that was just sent to me: (maybe you'll find this to be "beautiful")

From: "L" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: [email for SSP Customers]
Subject: Super Sex Power
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 16:03:35 +0000

Hi, Cr.

Thanks for getting back with me.

I understand that you must get hundreds of emails from men and women just like me who are turning their relationships around.

There are a few things I've been wanting to write about.

I am a high school teacher so I know that if you are able to change lives (even 1 life) for the positive that the gratification you receive from knowing what you've done is immeasurable. So, I feel obligated to write you.

[side note: you can find more beautiful comments at http://superhappysex.com/testimonials.html]

I found my way to your website after learning something that devistated me beyond anything imaginable! (And I must say that it still bothers me that I have to admit it) After my wife returned home from a 2 week training seminar I could tell that something wasn't right between us and mostly on her side.

We are in our early to mid 20's and have been married about 13 months when everything went down. I have to admit that she is everything to me! I know that you discuss this in your book and how that is not good, but I know now that was a lot of the problem.

After 2 days of pulling my hair out and trying to figure out why she was an emotional wreck, she admitted to me that she realized our sexual problems we had been facing were because she loved me but wasn't physically attracted to me. I've never been hit with anything so hard in my life! That brought me to you.
Failure in our marriage was no option. The morning after she hit me with the news (Monday) I gave all of my classes an assignment and went to my computer to search for answers. Looking back, I have to say that this may have been the worst morning of my life.

Your website was the first that appeared and was like an oasis. I have read through your book several times and I can tell you that it became my "bible" if you will on correcting my marriage. I have realized that everything you talked about is/was brilliant. I have also realized that things you talk about were things I already wondered about but needed to hear it from someone else and needed the backing to carry it through. Every moment that I am with her now I am going through things in my head that you have written about.

Another thing that is comforting to me is that you seem to have gone through everything that I went through (except that you realize that lack of attraction instead of her having to admit it to you). Therefore I knew that it would work. I keep this in mind also, as I continue to build on the foundation that I have built since this realization. I have changed internally and have begun to think on a greater level. Every once in a while there are occasions that arise where I find myself thinking back to specific parts of your book and going "yeah, he talked about that and I handle it like this . . . ." Without a doubt, I can tell that I have built back up that attraction that we had when we were first together. Things are better sexually than ever before and neither of us continue to be frustrated with this matter.

I feel like a big percent of husbands go through this problem. Do you think this is a safe assumption?
Looking back, I know that we were on the road to catastrophe if this wouldn't have happened. It now seems that it is that best thing that could happen to us.

I will also tell you that I am a religious man who believes that this all happened for a reason. Along that note, I will also tell you that I don't believe anything that you have talked about is immoral. We ARE created different and your findings are a breakthrough to me as to how women act and why in many cases.

I want to THANK YOU with the utmost sincerity and tell you that I don't want to think about where I (and my marriage) would be without your knowledge and taking the time to write it down.
I continue to look forward and I wait with great anticipation for each new email that you send.


if you have any questions regarding your specific relationship situation, email me my friend. if you want to explain and be more direct with your message, i'll embrace that too...

Take care...
CR James

PS: [tree portal non-fan], tell me what is your aim in life? Whenever someone asks me that question, I always make sure I ask them/him/her. I think this is fair. (even though I'm not motivated by being fair)

[side note: you can find more beautiful comments at http://superhappysex.com/testimonials.html]

8 More Days Until The Magic TREE PORTAL opens

You can get the details at: 12DaySeduction.com

If you have any questions, email me at crjames100@gmail.com

CR James


Monday, November 28, 2005

Welcome: "Tree Portal" Fans...

This is where I am going to be posting tips and info about 12 Day Seduction

If you have any questions, email me at crjames100@gmail.com

Take care

CR James

*Author of Super Sex Power (read the reviews)

*Author of Lust Signals (read the reviews) (this actually leaked out - it was at one time one of "secret books" that could only be bought by Owners of Super Sex Power)

*NEW: Author of the SuperSexPowerPortal: Volume 1 (a.k.a The Tree Portal Reports)
(coming soon - in mid December 2005) (limited supply/limited time)

"I had a SEVERAL customers ask me certain questions that made me think that they knew 12 Day Seduction was coming out, so I told them about it.

And everyone is FIRED UP and ANXIOUS, and now it is almost here..."